Conditions Treated With Podiatric Surgery in Racine, WI

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of conditions affecting the feet and ankles. These conditions can sometimes be treated medically, but many require podiatric surgery in Racine WI to alleviate pain or prevent the progression of the disorder. Below are a few of the most common podiatric conditions requiring surgery.

Bunion Removal

Bunions are abnormal bone or tissue growths that surround the big toe joint on one or both feet. They can be both painful and debilitating, as they can cause both walking and wearing shoes to be increasingly difficult as they get worse. When bunion removal surgery is performed these growths are removed and the joint or bone is returned to normal alignment, often using plates or screws.

Hammertoe Realignment

Hammertoes occur when the tendons above and below the affected toe become uneven. Surgical options include simple realignment and the placement of an implant or fusing of the joint to keep the toe properly aligned.

Tendon Repairs

When injuries occur to the foot it can result in a torn or ruptured tendon, requiring surgery to regain normal tendon function. There are also cases in which tendons must be shortened or lengthened to address existing deformities.Repairing Neuromas

The development of neuromas is influenced by a wide variety of factors, including arthritis, acute trauma, and even wearing high heels. The end result is the same, though: a segment of the nerve in the foot, usually between the toes, becomes enlarged and painful. Surgery is required to decompress or simply remove the segment of nerve that has been affected.

Arthritic Conditions

There are several options when it comes to treating arthritis in the feet and ankles. These include the removal of bone spurs, the placement of joint implants, or even fusing joints completely together. This last option is generally reserved for only the most severe cases. Most patients suffering from arthritis use surgery in general only as a last-resort.

Many of these conditions can be treated medically as well as via Podiatric Surgery in Racine WI. It’s best to choose an office that can provide a wide spectrum of treatment options. Contact us today for more information.

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