Melasma Laser Treatment in Maui Provides Long-Lasting Reductions in Patchy Skin Discoloration

Melasma is a very common skin condition that’s usually caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet light over the years. The condition results in patchy discoloration on the skin, typically on the face. It’s significantly more prevalent in women than men. Pregnant women are especially susceptible to developing melasma, and women who are using birth control pills or implants also are more at risk. These factors have led researchers to theorize that hormonal changes trigger the problem. Melasma laser treatment in Maui can resolve this condition and restore the even skin color to rejuvenate the person’s appearance.

Excess production of melanin in response to risk factors is the culprit in melasma. Dermatologists actually consider melasma to be a skin disease, although it doesn’t cause itchiness like eczema or psoriasis does.

After women give birth or stop using hormonal contraception, the discoloration often fades substantially. That’s not always the case, however. In addition, in middle-aged women who have developed the problem, professional treatment may be the only way to reduce it to a significant degree.

Practitioners may begin with applications of topical medications as well as performing chemical peels and dermabrasion. Those treatments, unfortunately, tend to only have temporary effects. Melasma Laser Treatment in Maui is another option that has proved to be very effective with dramatically longer-lasting results. Experts typically recommend this after more conservative measures have not worked particularly well. The American Academy of Dermatology has issued a statement in support of laser therapy for treating melasma. The key to this recent approval is improvements in laser skin treatment technology that make the process more effective.

After laser therapy or other treatment for melasma at a facility such as The Skin Center, it’s important to protect skin from the sun to prevent melasma from recurring. Women and men alike should wear sunscreen on the faces and any other areas of the skin that get frequent sun exposure. Melasma can develop on the arms, chest, and even on the legs. Protective clothing shields the skin, and a brimmed hat can protect the face. Click here for more information on this particular organization.

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