Convincing an Elderly Relative to Accept Home-Based Senior Care in Washington DC

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Home Health Care Service


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An organization that provides at-home Senior Care in Washington DC is invaluable for families who cannot be with an elderly relative all the time and know that he or she needs more attention and even supervision. The adult children may not live within close driving distance and may have only been visiting on weekends, but they’ve seen that the parent would greatly benefit from more help.

The elderly person may put up a battle against the idea of having home-based care from a skilled nurse, nursing assistant, health aide or home care worker. Even if this individual realizes that the physical or mental condition is becoming more troublesome, it doesn’t mean he or she is willing to admit it. Nevertheless, a condition such as multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis may be having an increasingly negative impact and not allowing the person to accomplish necessary tasks around the house. If the individual is having worsening memory problems, the family worries that he or she might forget about having the oven running, or might forget the importance of bathing and doing laundry.

However, many people cannot tolerate the prospect of admitting they need help. They’ve been independent for their entire adult lives, and they fear what the future holds in store if they can no longer function entirely on their own. Having home care service is actually a beneficial middle ground between living alone and moving to assisted living. It can provide just the right amount of assistance and allow the person to continue residing at home.

The family might consider having someone from a service providing senior care in Washington DC visit just once or twice a week for a short time at first, thus allowing the senior citizen time to get used to the visits. Commonly, elderly individuals quickly start looking forward to these visits. They enjoy having some companionship, and they appreciate the assistance they receive with activities such as light housekeeping, bathing and grooming, and medical care that a nurse can provide. An organization such as Specialty Care Services offers different levels of home care to address a variety of circumstances. Visit us for more information.

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