How Brain Injury Rehabilitation Is Conducted

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Chiropractor


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A brain injury can occur in an instant and change the lives of everyone around the person who has been injured. Even seemingly minor injuries can have long-lasting effects. Rehabilitation is a necessity for many who experience this type of event. It is how patients are able to learn how to care for themselves again or be taught how to work around their permanent disabilities. Brain Injury Rehabilitation is an important process that should only be trusted to the most experienced, and skilled medical professionals.

Rehabilitation services will not begin until cognitive testing has been completed. These tests are necessary to help identify where the individual is struggling. Every injury is different and how people respond can vary as well. In addition, there are a number of other factors to consider. These include the overall health of the patient, as well as their age at the time of injury.

The rehabilitation schedule will determine what the patient is able to accomplish, where they are having problems, and diagnose visual, hearing, or speech problems that will need to be addressed to increase their ability to thrive during their therapy. Some patients may suffer from memory or critical thinking skills. Other may have difficult controlling their motor functions.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation often includes assistance from multiple professionals. A speech pathologist may be involved when necessary and behavioral issues may require the assistance of a neuropsychologist. However, most of the therapy will be performed by an occupational therapist. They help their patients to begin the long process of living an independent life again or, at least, increasing their ability to do more for themselves. This includes personal care, preparing meals, and finding ways to be active.

Throughout the therapy, the individual will continue to be assessed. As their needs change, the method of therapy they are undergoing will be adjusted to meet those needs. It is not the type of recovery that can be properly managed anywhere. Anyone seeking genuine improvement for themselves or a loved one should look for a reputable and trusted clinic that offers specialized brain trauma care. That is what Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services can provide to their patients. To learn about the specific therapeutic programs offered, contact them for more information. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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