Relieving Back Pain In Jacksonville

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Health Care


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When someone suffers from back pain in Jacksonville area, they most likely wish to find a method to reduce or eliminate it altogether. Dealing with chronic back pain can be done both at home and with the assistance of a pain physician to help find a treatment that works well in improving the quality of life. Here are some ways people can reduce pain in their back.

Applying heat to a painful area on the back can give a lot of relief. A heating pad can be wrapped inside a towel and placed right on the painful spot. This should be kept in place up to twenty minutes and then taken off to allow the skin to cool down. Do this several times a day for instant relief. A hot shower or bath helps as well.

Someone suffering from back pain can make some adjustments in their daily habits to help alleviate pain. When something heavy needs to be lifted, they can ask someone else to help with this task so the weight is evenly distributed, helping to keep the spine from over-exertion. Sitting in a chair with lumbar support can be helpful if the person works at a job requiring desk work. Taking frequent breaks or utilizing a standing desk is another option for those suffering from back pain on the job. Ergonomic seating is also helpful.

Seeing a physician is the best way to handle back pain. They would evaluate the extent of the pain and come up with an actionable plan in reducing it safely. This may include injections, prescription medication, physical therapy exercise, chiropractic adjustments, or surgical options if necessary. Seeing a doctor would ensure the patient is cared for in a way where pain does not get worse, and they will adjust methods in managing pain as needed.

If someone with Back Pain wishes to find out more about the help they could receive from a doctor, they can call a reputable health provider to find out treatment options. Making a visit for an assessment can lead the person to some methods in pain relief that will give favorable results.

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