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Nobody wants to see their child sick but it can especially frustrate when that child has a sinus infection. Not only can they be painful but they can prevent the child from getting a proper amount of sleep and reduce their ability to pay attention in school. Here are some home remedies suggested by experts to ward off sinus problems in Louisville KY.

Steam It

One of the easiest ways to drain the sinuses is to breathe in the steam of hot water. Not only is it incredibly effective but it is essentially free. While there are some companies manufacturing fancy machines, the same thing can be accomplished by boiling a pot of water and breathing in the resulting steam. If standing over a pot of boiling water doesn’t sound appealing, the sinuses can also be drained by standing in a hot shower. The steam will moisten the plugged sinus cavities and loosen them enough to be able to blow the mucus out.

Salt It

Making a saline solution with salt from home is another great way to drain the nasal cavities and treat any sinus problems in Louisville KY. To make the solution at home, simply take 8 oz of water (make sure it is distilled to avoid contaminants found in tap water) and stir in a half teaspoon of salt. The solution can be placed in the sinus cavity by buying a bulb device which provides suction. Fill the suction bulb with the saline solution and gently squirt the solution into the nostril. This will also work to moisten the mucus which can then be blown out.

Spice It

One great and tasty way to take care of any sinus issues is to eat spicy food. Spicy food such as chili peppers contains a natural chemical called capsicum which easily drains any plugged sinuses. Not only is there the benefit of taking care of the sinuses but these foods contain high levels of nutrients such as vitamin c which can boost the immune system.

Contact Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center if these home remedies don’t seem to be working and more advanced methods are required. Plugged sinuses can lead to severe infection and that is something that nobody wants or needs.

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