How To Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is a problem that affects 80 percent of people. You can go to a Jacksonville Spine Center if you have a problem with back pain. There are also things that you can do in order to prevent back pain.

Don’t Wear High Heels

High heels are bad for your back or feet. That is why if you suffer from back pain, then you do not need to wear them.

Get More Exercise

Many people think that it is best for them to limit their exercise if they suffer from back pain. It is a good idea to rest for a day or two if you suffer from back pain. However, you should get moving as soon as you feel up to it. Experts have found that exercise helps reduce inflammation and pain.

Get A Massage

Massages are not just good for relation. They are also good for back pain. That is why if you have back pain, then you should get a massage. A massage will help your body release the feel-good hormones. It will also help ease muscle tightness.

Lose Weight

Excess weight can put a strain on your back. If yo lose weight, then you can take some of the pressure off of your back. It is best for you to try to stay within 10 pounds of your ideal body weight.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking restricts blood flow. This can prevent your back from getting the vital nutrients that it needs. You should stop smoking if you are a smoker.

Don’t Use Back Braces

Back braces can provide your back with a little extra support. However, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that they provide long-term relief for back pain.

If you need a Jacksonville spine center, then you will need to contact Riverside Pain Physicians.

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