Do Not Let Pain Control Your Life: An Answer is Available!

From dull to chronic, pain can stop a person in their tracks and make life difficult. Especially when the pain affects their mobility and prevents them from being able to move their body to complete their daily tasks. With severe pain, it can affect their ability to work or interact with other people due to their physical discomfort and emotional state. A person who suffers from chronic pain may feel they have no control over their life as they are not able to be active when they are hurting. A coastal spine and pain clinic can be beneficial in providing the required services for the individual regain control over their life.

Treatments Available

  • Injections such as a caudal steroid, join steroid, and facet joint.
  • Medial branch block is used to help prevent the individual from experiencing pain.
  • Physical Therapy
  • Lifestyle changes such as losing weight, exercising more, and eating better.
  • Treatment for psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety caused by chronic pain.
  • A coastal spine and pain clinic can perform invasive surgery to help alleviate discomfort.
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain medication can be prescribed to help manage the discomfort.

Schedule an Appointment Today to Take Control of Your Life

Pain can be difficult to control on your own and why you should consult with a professional. If chronic or acute pain is left unattended, it can lead to various other health issues physically and mentally. The qualified staff at Riverside Pain Physicians is ready to work with you to start controlling your pain today. From learning to manage your pain to eliminating the discomfort, they have the experience and knowledge required to help diagnose your problem and find the right treatment.

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