Do You Need a Hearing Instrument in Norwich, CT?

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Hearing


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Noisy environments, aging and certain illnesses increase hearing loss risk. Approximately 20 percent of Americans have some level of hearing loss. Most people do not even realize how much they miss because of the slow decline in their hearing abilities. An exam with an audiologist is the only way to determine if someone will benefit from a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT. There is no reason to put off scheduling this simple appointment. Modern devices have replaced the large, unattractive aids people once used. There are more features and advantages with hearing aids today than ever before.

     *     Directional hearing aids make it possible to hear sounds only from a specific direction and block out background noise. Adjusting them for each need is easy.

     *     Programmable devices ensure the wearer has the clear hearing in a variety of environments. Going to the movies, enjoying a quiet meal, and much more are all made easier.

     *     Manufacturers now design hearing aids for active lifestyles. They can withstand the jostling around associated with sports participation and exercise, and sweat and water do not cause any damage.

     *     They do not all look exactly the same. Designer collections exist, and modern, fashionable choices are available. Practically invisible models tuck away in the ear canal for use without detection.

     *     A digital Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT means that seamless connectivity is possible. No more squealing or worrying about the volume of the device before talking on the phone. MP3 players, tablets, and many other types of electronics connect directly to these wireless aids.

     *     Hearing aid batteries were an expensive necessity and were not always easy to find. Rechargeable hearing instruments make it easy to recharge a device at night and have it ready for use in the morning.

A painless screening will help to determine if any hearing assistance is needed. Buying an adequate hearing aid off a shelf is not possible. Every device is custom selected to match the level of hearing loss and the ear size and shape. This ensures the fit is comfortable and the hearing level is correct. Find more information about the benefits of modern hearing aids by discussing the options with an audiology expert today.

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