What Should Women Know About IVF Cost in San Antonio TX?

When a woman cannot conceive a child, she may pursue In Vitro Fertilization. This process takes her own fertilized egg or that of a donor and implants it into her womb in the hopes it will develop into a viable pregnancy. Before pursuing this process, it is imperative women learn all they can about the steps involved and the IVF Cost in San Antonio TX, so they can make a sound decision for their pregnancy goals.

The average IVF Cost in San Antonio TX is around $12,000 for the procedure. This does not include the cost of medications and other fees that may be included. This is the cost for a fresh IVF which means the eggs are removed vaginally and then mixed with fresh sperm. Most women should plan on spending around $20,000 for each attempt to have a child. It is important for individuals to realize every In Vitro Fertilization attempt is not successful. There is around a 40% chance for viable pregnancy.

To be successful in getting pregnant through IVF, it is imperative a woman acts quickly and pursues the treatments as soon as possible, so her eggs are still young. Many women store their eggs in a frozen state so, they will be able to be used later in life when she is ready to get pregnant. Frozen Embryo Transfers are much more economical than Fresh IVF, typically only costing $3,000 to $5,000 per cycle. A woman will be required to pay around $200 per year for storage.

If a woman is having difficulty getting pregnant, it behooves her to go through infertility testing to determine the cause. There are now many different methods to assist women in having children. Going through infertility counseling will allow a woman to be able to make the best choice for her body and needs.

Those who would like to learn more about the cost of IVF should schedule a consultation appointment. Click here to get started right away. With In Vitro Fertilization, women can be successful in getting pregnant so they can have a child. Although the process takes time and sometimes fails, greater levels of success are occurring each day.

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