What to Expect on Your Trip to the Vet

When you adopt a pet, you are adding a member to your family. They require medical care, just as any other family member would. Veterinary care is sometimes scary, for both yourself and your pet. To help ease your anxiety, being prepared helps you feel in control of the situation. There are several different reasons to bring your pet to the vet, and they all have similarities. They also have some differences. You can learn how vet visits generally go, including regular checkups, vaccination appointments, and emergency care.

Regular Checkups for Your Pet

It is important that your pet get seen by a veterinarian regularly. This makes sure there is nothing going wrong; many illnesses are much easier to treat with early detection. A typical appointment will start with a check in at the front desk. The receptionist may ask you a few simple questions about your pet’s health, and then lead you to an examination room.

Your pet will be weighed, which helps track their health. Both underweight and overweight animals are at greater risk for a number of diseases, and proper growth is a sign of good health. Weighing is usually done by a vet assistant, and they may also do a quick once over of your animal. This is a great time to raise any concerns you may have on your pet’s health. The vet takes a closer look at your pet, and addresses any issues that might be plaguing your animal. They will also administer any vaccinations at this time.

What to Expect from Emergency Care

In the case of emergency, the staff are going to work faster. The same process is generally followed. Front staff at the emergency vet in Chicago ask you relevant questions, and your family pet is whisked to the back. The questions they ask vary depending on the type of emergency, but all the information you can provide helps their efforts. The staff do their best to treat your pet, and work to keep you informed on what is going on.

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