FAQs About The Ultherapy Treatment

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Massage Therapy


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In Michigan, men and women undergo cosmetic treatments to reverse the signs of aging. These treatments address common concerns such as sagging skin. Among these treatments is Ultherapy. The following are FAQs about the Ultherapy Treatment.

What Does the Treatment Do?

It uses ultrasound pulses to stimulate collagen production. The stimulation of collagen leads to an increase in elasticity. As this occurs, the skin becomes tighter and lifts. The procedure doesn’t require any time for recovery.

Why is It Different?

The procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require a stay in a hospital. The procedure reaches deep layers of the skin to treat the chin and neck more effectively. It is the most effective for improving the elasticity of the skin without major surgery. The patient won’t sustain any scars or negative modifications of their skin.

When Do Patients Start to See Results?

The average duration required to generate results is about three months. The patient can expect exceptional results after six months after the treatment. They must follow all aftercare requirements to maintain their progress.

When Should the Patient Receive Additional Treatments?

The typical results last up to one year. At this time, the patient must undergo more treatments. The treatment generates lasting results, but these results aren’t permanent. They cannot stop the aging process. They can improve the production of collagen only.

Will Patients Experience Side Effects?

The most common side effects are swelling, tenderness, and tingling of the nerves. These effects will dissipate after a short time. If the patient experiences any side effects beyond these mentioned should seek medical attention immediately.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Yes, patients have experienced pain during and after the treatment. New changes in these treatments have made them more comfortable. The patient can take over-the-counter medications to manage discomfort. If pain becomes severe, the clinician provides prescription medication.

In Michigan, men and women address sagging skin around the face and neck using cosmetic treatments. Those who wish to find an alternative to a facelift consider Ultherapy. Patients who wish to undergo the Ultherapy Treatment visit our website or their Facebook page today for more information.

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