Convenient Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA Provide Safety and Independence

Senior citizens can suffer from a variety of mobility issues. From bad knees to a stiff back, getting up and down the stairs is a real challenge for some individuals. Even those that walk with relative ease may still be intimidated by stairs if they have osteoporosis. Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA provide a fast, simple and effective solution to help reduce the frequency of pain and accident risks on stairways. Installing a lift chair allows residents of all ages to remain in their homes regardless of limiting mobility issues and disabilities.

Reasons to Consider a Stair Lift

Several different factors can warrant the use of a lift chair. Elderly residents who live alone will appreciate the freedom and additional piece of mind a stair lift provides. For many patients, maintaining their independence is greatly related to their level of happiness. A stair lift chair allows them to lead a more satisfying, productive lifestyle.

While injuries are always a possibility, older or disabled adults have a higher risk of falling or slipping on stairs. A lift provides a safe way to conquer stairs without the risk of broken bones or other harm. Adults who tire easily can ascend stairs safely without the risk of fainting or breathing issues.

Even healthy adults who are recovering from a serious injury or major surgery can benefit from the temporary use of a stair lift chair. It allows them to move about without added strain and promotes proper healing. Homeowners who reside in a multilevel Colonial, Victorian or Tudor property can access their entire home without the hassle of having to move bedroom furniture to the first floor.

Some senior citizen resorts to closing off specific areas of their home when mobility becomes a problem. This results in wasted space and can distract from the attractiveness and functionality of a home. Affordable Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA allow residents to enjoy daily access to every room in the house.

To learn more about installing a stair lift for yourself or a family member, contact McArdle Surgical. They offer quality, name brand lift chairs, including Acorn and Brooks. Their helpful staff can assist you with the entire sales, service and installation process. McArdle also provides convenient, free home consultations to determine if a stair lift chair is right for you.

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