Corticosteroid Treatment Provided by an Orthopedist in Sacramento CA

An orthopedist in Sacramento CA does not always recommend surgery for certain problems. Many patients experience substantial pain relief and better mobility by receiving injections that deliver medications to the affected area. A variety of injected medications is useful for physical problems such as knee arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. Some of the more frequently prescribed injections are corticosteroids that significantly reduce inflammation on a relatively long-term basis.

A patient may be able to avoid surgery by having an orthopedist in Sacramento CA provide more conservative treatment. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disorder often related to overuse of the hand and wrist in repetitive motion. A broad range of individuals is susceptible to this condition. People who frequently play tennis or who use a computer mouse all day at work are examples. Some health care occupations are connected with an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, most notably ultrasound technologists and dental hygienists.

A variety of strategies can help the patient relieve the wrist pain. The orthopedist may prescribe a splint to be worn while sleeping; this device holds the wrist in position. The doctor may refer the patient for physical therapy. Ergonomic changes at the job may be beneficial. With this disorder, corticosteroid injections tend to be most effective when the symptoms have not been occurring for a long time. Injections are usually seen as an early intervention method.

Another common disorder is known as trigger finger or trigger thumb, often associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation causes discomfort and an inability to stretch out the finger or thumb, especially after the hand has been in the same position for a long time. That typically means the problem is at its worst upon awakening. As the person tries to straighten the digit, it may move into place abruptly, which can be painful. Trigger finger injections as provided at a clinic such as Dr. Scott Fujii Orthopedics may be useful. Many patients only need one corticosteroid injection into the sheath around the inflamed tendon for trigger finger to be fully and permanently resolved. Contact us for more information.

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