Occupational Medicine in Anderson OH for Preventing Illness and Injury

People are generally aware of potential hazards connected with certain occupations. A health care clinic providing services for Occupational Medicine in Anderson OH can be part of the risk prevention efforts. For example, workers in hospitals and other medical facilities typically are required to be vaccinated against seasonal influenza. Some of these workers are required to be vaccinated against hepatitis. That prevents the employees from becoming ill and larger outbreaks within the facility.

Drug testing is also an aspect of Occupational Medicine in Anderson OH. Random testing has the goal of preventing accidents in occupations such as heavy equipment operator, over-the-road truck driver, and construction worker. Annual physical exams are required by state departments of transportation for commercial drivers. This is the case whether those individuals are operating a van carrying small numbers of individuals or tractor-trailer combinations transporting many tons of freight.

More unusual situations occur in the corporate and organizational employment world as well. For instance, a company may decide to send some workers to a country where catching malaria is a risk. A large majority of those countries are in Africa. Those employees would need to acquire a prescription for anti-malarial preventive medication from a local or regional health care clinic before they leave.

Malaria is caused by parasites transmitted by mosquitoes. Different parasites are associated with the disease, and, in turn, affect different parts of the world. That will be part of the medical provider’s decision-making process as to which preventive drugs should be prescribed. Other factors the doctor considers include the patient’s medical history, allergies and other medications and supplements being taken on a regular basis.

Some individuals will need to take exotic-sounding medications such as atovaquone or mefloquine. Others can take doxycycline, a commonly prescribed antibiotic that is useful for preventing certain strains of malaria. Many patients have taken this drug before to treat bacterial illnesses such as ear infections and urinary tract infections. They may have acquired a prescription for doxycycline from a facility like Eastside Urgent Care for treating early-stage Lyme disease or a sexually transmitted illness. This type of clinic also provides occupational medicine and urgent care services.

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