Find Relief From Pollen and Pet Dander at an Allergy Doctor in Evansville, IN

Most allergic reactions are caused by the immune system misidentifying what is actually a harmless substance as a dangerous intruder. The resultant response causes the unpleasant runny noses, watery eyes, and sore throats, and hives that are so often the ruin of summer vacations across the country.

For some people, pollen is the culprit. Others experience a similar response to indoor allergens like pet dander and mold. In cases of allergic rhinitis, which primarily effects the nose, symptoms may be exacerbated by changes in temperature or humidity and unrelated irritants like smoke. Those living with allergic reactions to household pets can experience particularly strong symptoms, as not only is pet fur a common allergen, it also picks up other outdoor allergens and transplants them into indoor environments where they can continue to cause harm.

Hay fever, known by the scientific name allergic rhinitis, can often be alleviated without the need to get rid of beloved family pets or hide indoors during pollen season. Visiting an Allergy Doctor in Evansville IN can help those suffering from year- round or seasonal allergies to pin down the exact cause of their suffering and find practical solutions.

Window filters and allergen blockers are two frequently recommended products that can be purchased over the counter to help fight allergies indoors. Filters work by ensuring that any fresh air entering the home is devoid of pollen and other common allergens. Allergen blockers are helpful for those with pet allergies, as they help to break down the proteins that cause them. They are safe to use on furniture, bedding, carpets, and even as a grooming product for dogs and cats.

But it’s difficult to know what steps to take to find relief when the cause of allergic reactions has not yet been determined. An Allergy Doctor in Evansville IN can perform simple tests to determine what allergens a patient is reacting to and help come up with a comprehensive plan to manage the related symptoms. This applies both to both environmental allergies and food allergies, which are often more dangerous. Click here to learn more about what those suffering from recurring allergic reactions can do to find year-round relief.

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