Foot Specialists in Racine WI Help Patients Who Have Peripheral Vascular Disease

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Health Care


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People with poor circulation to and in their feet, medically known as peripheral vascular disease or peripheral arterial disease, should be working with a cardiovascular specialist for treatment. Foot Specialists in Racine WI can help these patients prevent and treat sores that develop and will not heal. This becomes a risk with patients whose blood vessels cannot supply adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the feet through the bloodstream.

Effects of Circulation Problems

By the time stubborn foot sores occur, the patient almost certainly is already aware of the circulation problems. The disease causes significant pain and tiredness in the legs during walking or other activities. Sores on the feet can worsen and become infected. Without the ability to heal through normal blood flow, toes or a foot might eventually need to be amputated.

The Right Socks and Footwear

How do foot specialists in Racine WI help patients with poor circulation to the feet? One of the most fundamental services is providing sound advice on the types of shoes to wear. These patients need shoes that fit well and do not put noticeable pressure anywhere on the feet. There should be no friction when the person walks or uses the feet for any other activity. Wearing the right socks and shoes that breathe prevent the feet from being in a moist environment, which can increase the risk of a fungal infection developing after contact with the microorganisms.

Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene for the feet is crucial. Washing the feet twice daily and thoroughly drying them while inspecting the skin for any tiny cuts or other wounds is advisable. Podiatrists with a clinic like Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers can provide treatment for corns and calluses that may have developed when the person was still wearing ill-fitting shoes.

An Exercise Routine

The foot doctor also can prescribe an exercise routine to boost circulation to the lower legs and feet as much as possible, even with the compromised blood vessels. An example is swimming and doing plenty of kicking. Even someone who cannot swim can still sit on a pool step or use a flutter board and kick. Contact us at the earliest convenience for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your foot care needs.

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