Do You Need to Visit a Chiropractic Clinic in McDonough, GA?

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Health


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People who have never visited a chiropractor before often believe that this medical specialist mainly takes care of back pain. However, you can visit a practitioner to take care of a variety of health conditions and complaints.

Do You Suffer from Migraine Pain?

Besides treating lower back pain, a chiropractic clinic in McDonough, GA can also assist you in recovering from headaches and migraines, sciatica (or a pinched nerve), shoulder pain (including arm and hand conditions), neck pain, and even vertigo.

Conducting Neurological Assessments

For example, if you visit a chiropractic clinic about vertigo, the doctor will run some neurological assessments. These tests are performed to determine cerebellum functioning. If you sway to and fro with your eyes closed and feet together, the test is positive for vertigo. Another test involves touching the index finger to the nose while keeping the eyes closed. Patients are also asked to touch their fingers to their thumb, moving them as fast as possible.

Applying Heat to Treat Vertigo

If cerebellar dysfunction is diagnosed by the chiropractic clinic, treatment may involve administering heat therapy. Heat treatments promote metabolism and therefore encourage healing. Also when heat increases, brain activity increases as well. This type of treatment produces a palliative and soothing effect – an effect that reduces joint stiffness and releases histamine. In turn, tissue vasodilation occurs.

Where to Obtain Further Details

‘Would you like to know more about chiropractic services and learn how they can help you? If so, visit us online for further details and information. By visiting our site, you can acquaint yourself with all types of chiropractic therapy. These treatments use advances in technologies and equipment to increase joint mobility and relieve the tension associated with nerve pain. If you have a specific injury that needs to be corrected or suffer one of the various forms of back, neck, or headache pain, explore your treatment options online today.

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