Hair Loss Treatment: Vantis Follicular Replication Vs. Hair Transplant Surgery

Thinning hair and bald spots are not just annoying but quite frustrating as they can shatter your self-confidence as well. Accordingly, you might be looking for a good hair loss treatment Orange County, luckily, has many options for it. 

Now you might be confused about which treatment will prove the best for you. At Vantis Institute, we offer one of the best and most effective hair loss treatments: Follicular Replication. But how does it stack up against the usual hair transplant surgery?

Vantis Follicular Replication Vs. Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Results: With the Vantis Follicular Replication (VFR), you can expect to see results instantly, while typical hair transplant surgery can take several months or even well over a year.
  • Recovery Time: VFR has a short recovery time of only a couple of days at most. Hair transplant surgeries require several weeks to heal fully.
  • Pain: VFR procedures involve mild pain, while the transplant surgery can be painfully excruciating.
  • Scarring: Hair transplant surgeries can leave your head with massive scarring that can be further embarrassing. VFR does not cause any scarring.
  • Safety: Hair transplant surgeries are not the safest procedures as they carry the risk of bleeding, infections, and swelling. In comparison, VFR is a much safer procedure. 
  • Cost: Just one session of hair transplant surgery can cost you several thousands of dollars, while VFR can be done for as low as $800 only.

The Final Verdict

The winner is pretty obvious. If you are looking for a good hair loss treatment Orange County, VFR is the best option out there on all accounts. However, if you are still not sure, you can schedule an appointment and consult the experts yourself.

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