Healthcare Can Be Brought Into Your Home

The internet has changed so many things that we do in our everyday lives. When we want to shop, over 90% of people now use the internet to locate the products they want and to compare prices. You probably book your flights and travel arrangements online, and calling for a cab has never been easier when you can be found through location identification. It seems that each day a new and convenient method for making use of this amazing interconnectivity comes into use, and now there’s also a solution for many medical conditions.

Using The Internet To Advance Medicine

In many remote parts of the world, surgical operations can now be conducted by surgeons who are on the other side of the world. Technology allows for the ability assess a patient and either guide another doctor through a procedure, or to operate sophisticated equipment from afar. On a much more mundane level are the everyday complaints that many people suffer from such as upper respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, and pharyngitis. Many of these infections respond extremely well to antibiotics, but these require a prescription from a doctor before they can be obtained. In the past, this has meant making a trip to either an emergency room or a doctor’s office, waiting your turn, and paying a consultation fee.

The problem with going to see a doctor is that you need to go in person, or take the sick child with you. There is nothing worse than being bundled into a car and fighting through traffic when you’re unwell and would rather be comfortably in bed. Then there’s the actual doctor’s room where you might be required to fill out forms and wait your turn. Especially if you have suddenly become ill, the chances are that you will have to be fitted in, so won’t be able to be attended to immediately. All around you in the waiting room will be other sick people, perhaps passing on disease to you when your immune system is already compromised. Ask anyone in this type of situation and they’ll probably tell you that it’s not ideal. This is where the internet can help immensely.

Having A Remote Consultation

There is already a service available if, for example, you need tonsillitis treatment in Chicago. A team of doctors can be contacted who will be able to have a remote consultation with you. If you have a camera on your computer, it’s possible for the doctor to see you, but mostly you will be asked the kind of questions that can confirm a diagnosis. From here, it’s a simple matter to be given a prescription that you can pick up. Of course, this type of service would not replace the relationship you had with your primary care physician, but it’s extremely convenient for a range of common ailments that are easily diagnosed and treated.

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