An Explanation of Palliative Medical Services in Old Saybrook CT

While there are many types of Medical Services in Old Saybrook CT, there is one that provides care for those diagnosed with serious illness, such as cancer. Palliative care is a multi-care approach to treating patients who are dealing with life-threatening illness. This is not the same care as provided by hospice, which seeks to make a cancer patient comfortable during their final days. This type of care focuses on providing comfort and improving the lives of those who are ill.

Palliative care can be provided for those with cancer, AIDS, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, Alzheimer’s Disease, and more. There is actually a wide range of illnesses that are treated through these Medical Services in Old Saybrook CT. This type of care is fairly new to the medical world and is now being taught in medical school. It is important to note this care is pursued by patients in all stages of their illness. When a person enters into palliative care, it does not mean they are about to die or that they have given up.

Since all types of illnesses and diseases are treated through palliative care, some patients are able to receive treatment and become healed so that they no longer need the care services. Other patients may need palliative care at some points in their illness, so they end up moving in and out of this care, depending on how their health is.

This treatment provides a holistic approach to medical care to ensure the entire body is treated, including the physical, mental, and emotional. The focus is not only on the patient but also their family and caregivers. This service provides respite for caregivers, transportation to medical appointments and help with cooking and shopping. The goal is to take pressure off of the patient so they can focus on taking care of themselves and living life to the fullest.

If you are in need of palliative care or other long-term health services, visit . This site will give you information on the available services and how they can help you better cope with your illness. Contact them today to schedule an appointment to learn more.

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