Learn to Resolve Conflict with Mental Health Services in Hutchinson KS

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Health


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Conflict resolution is a skill taught to children in a home with a healthy family dynamic. However, when a child grows up with an alcohol or drug addicted parent or even one who struggles with untreated mental health issues such as depression or bipolar disorder, they may not learn the skills they need to resolve conflicts in their own life. This can lead to problems in school and later, in their marriage. Anger, aggression and withdrawal are all unhealthy ways to deal with conflict. These responses are typical of children and adults who were never taught a better way to resolve issues.

Often an adult doesn’t recognize they have this problem until a spouse or close friend is ready to end their relationship because of it. After accepting they have a problem, the next step is to find a way to develop these skills so they can have healthy relationships with family and friends in the future. Although the Internet is loaded with sites that offer advice and exercises to help someone in this situation, there’s no substitute for professional mental health services in Hutchinson KS.

A professional counsellor offers a safe environment where a person who didn’t get a chance to learn the proper ways to communicate when they were younger can get direct instruction and practice their new skills. It’s perfectly fine to not know how to the right way to respond to a conflict while in this therapeutic environment. In fact, Mental Health Services in Hutchinson KS might be even more effective if the client is able to demonstrate their lack of conflict resolution skills, so the counsellor knows where to start.

With improved conflict resolution skills, adults often find they have an improved quality of life. They are able to create and maintain relationships, get along with people they don’t even like and excel at their career because they are better leaders. While the collapse of one relationship might lead someone to click here and schedule an appointment with a mental health professional, they might find their life is much more fulfilling later, after they learn to handle conflict without getting angry, being aggressive or withdrawing from the situation.

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