How to Choose a Pet Care Clinic

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Animal Hospitals


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Choosing a veterinarian or medical care facility for a pet is one of the most important decisions pet owners will make in regards to their pets’ health. New pet owners, or those moving to a new area with existing dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, or pocket pets, can feel overwhelmed. Following these simple steps will make it easy to find a qualified Pet Care Clinic, ensuring that any pet, regardless of size and shape, will get the quality medical care he or she needs over the course of a long and happy life.

The first step is to consider what the individual animal’s veterinary needs are likely to be. This means taking into account the species and the unique medical needs of the individual pet. Of course, a cat clinic is not the right place to take a lizard. Exotic animals, or any pets that are not cats and dogs have very different needs, and not all offices can offer adequate care. Anyone keeping exotic pets should ensure that any staff has experience working with them. In addition, give some thought to any unique medical needs the pet has. Older animals often require more frequent and specialized care, so ask in advance about what experience the office has in treating any existing conditions prior to making a decision.

The second step is to narrow the search to offices within a reasonable driving distance. Even an incredibly skilled and specialized vet that is located two hours away will not be of much help in an emergency. If the best possible office is located outside of a reasonable emergency driving range, be sure to at least compensate by looking up emergency clinics in the area to ensure all the bases are covered.

Finally, make some phone calls. Ask each office about their practitioners’ experience dealing with similar animals and cases. Don’t be afraid to schedule well pet exams at one or more offices prior to making a final decision. Pet owners requiring a Pet Care Clinic in the area can check out to find more information about one local office and the services they provide or make an appointment to see if their practice is right for that special furry friend.

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