Learn How a Bikini Wax Is Carried Out

Though there are many areas unwanted hair grows in; the bikini line is the most difficult to tame for a woman. While shaving can immediately remove the hair, it can often cause skin irritation and leaves behind embarrassing stubble that can begin to show as soon as hours after shaving. Unfortunately, this area of the body is extremely sensitive and can easily experience ingrown hairs that can sometimes become infected. The best method of hair removal is a Bikini Wax. This treatment removes hair from the follicle level, so there is no embarrassing stubble, and the hair is removed for a couple of weeks, growing back much finer.

A Bikini Wax is carried out by a highly trained aesthetician, so the process is comfortable and safe. The aesthetician will apply a topical numbing agent if a woman is concerned about feeling any discomfort during the procedure. Some women do not find the hair removal painful while others have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the treatment as easily.

Talcum powder is often applied to the area being worked on to ensure the wax is easy to remove, and the skin does not become irritated. The warm wax is applied with the growth direction of the hair, and then the aesthetician applies a cloth strip and ensures the wax and cloth bond together before pulling the cloth strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

The wax can effectively remove the hair from the follicle. This somewhat shrinks the follicle and delays hair growth for a couple of weeks. Each time a woman goes through waxing, the hair in the area grows in finer and lighter so she eventually can go longer periods of time between treatments.

With this treatment, a woman can say goodbye to her unwanted hair so she can feel confident wearing all types of swimsuits and bikinis. If you would like to pursue this treatment, visit Longevityok.com. This site will give you all the information you need so you can decide if this waxing treatment will benefit you. Call today and schedule your appointment so you can look your best.

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