The New Process to Spay and Neuter in Overland Park, KS

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Animal


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If you have a pet, you need to get him or her fixed. The process of spaying or neutering a pet has evolved from a very rudimentary physical procedure to one that is very sophisticated. The use of lasers, glue stitches, and other techniques has greatly reduced the risk of infection as well as the amount of pain that your pet feels.

Spaying or neutering is important because controlling pet populations is important. There are already far too many stray animals, and you don’t want to contribute to that. Furthermore, some dog parks or kennels require that you spay and neuter your pets before they’re allowed in. Beyond even that, there are behavioral changes after a pet is fixed that many people find desirable.

Here is how the new process works.

Surgical Laser

Some pet clinics use a surgical laser to spay and neuter in Overland Park, KS. The surgical laser is more efficient than the standard steel scalpel because it does not involve actual physical incisions. Since there is not physical contact, there is a much lower rate of infection. Also, the surgical laser will greatly reduce the amount of pain that your pet might feel.

With the lowered pain amount and the lower risk of infection, a surgical laser can cut down on recovery time as well.

Dissolving Stitches

In many cases, a spay and neuter procedure no longer involves physical stitches. Instead of the physical stitches, veterinarians will use dissolving glue stitches. They will dissolve over time as the incision heals. Since they do not have to be removed, they can save you a trip to the pet clinic. Additionally, dissolving stitches are much harder to scratch if your pet is the type who likes to scratch.

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