Should You Declaw Your Cat?

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Animal


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Have you ever considered declawing your cat or wondered why people do it? You probably know that it can be a controversial topic. Many veterinarians may not declaw your cat because of the controversy around it. In fact, it is illegal in some countries. There are now procedures that can control the pain of declawing. Declawing your cat actually removes a part of their bone and ultimately their finger. If you choose to leave your cat’s nails in, this can create benefits for your cat. A cat’s nails can save their life if they are an outdoor cat or come into contact with other animals. However, if your major concern is scratching, there are various ways in which your cat can be stopped from destroying your furniture. If you prefer to have your cat declawed, you can speak with your veterinarian to learn about the process and both the positive and negative sides of declawing.

What Is Declawing?

Declawing is simply the surgical removal of the last bone of each digit in the front claws of your cat. This is typically for owners with cats that scratch their furniture, walls, and upholstery. Cats scratch because the behavior is instinct—it is born within your cat. Cats that are declawed will bite or try to scratch whether he is declawed or not.

Speak With Your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian may be able to help you make your decision of whether you should declaw your cat. Depending on your cat’s location and lifestyle, your vet may recommend different options for you and your pet.

Research the Rules and Regulations

Be sure that it is legal in your area to have your cat declawed. Some locations in the United States do not allow declawing of cats. You can check with Chicago animal hospitals to see if declawing is legal in your area.

Can Cats Go Outside When They Are Declawed?

It is recommended that cats remain indoors when they are declawed. This can keep them safe and from getting into situations that they are unable to protect themselves in.

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