How Restylane Can Help Remove Unwanted Facial Wrinkles

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Health


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One of the most common problems that people encounter as they age is the formation of wrinkles on their face. Depending on their lifestyle can affect when the wrinkles will begin to form and how pronounced they will be. From unconscious facial expressions to long exposure to the sun, there are various factors that can contribute to facial wrinkles. When lines begin to form on a person’s face, especially around their mouth, nose, and eyes it can make the person look older than they really are. This can lead to a lowered self-esteem and leave the individual unhappy with how they look. Fortunately, Restylane in Schaumburg can help remove these unwanted facial lines.

What is Restylane and How It Works

Restylane in Schaumburg is created from hyaluronic acid that is produced by the Streptococcus bacteria. This hyaluronic acid is turned into a gel that can be injected under the skin into the folds and wrinkles in a person’s face. It is used to as a dermal implantation that integrates with the dermal tissue under the skin to help attract water molecules and bind them together to add volume to the face. This treatment provides immediate results and can last for six months or longer before another injection is required.

Smooth and Healthy Skin is Obtainable with a Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

If you are looking to slow the aging process or want to remove unwanted facial lines, Chicagoland Aesthetics can offer the solution you are looking for. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for their clients to complete the cosmetic procedures they require to combat problem areas with their body. By eliminating wrinkles with a dermal filler, you can look and feel years younger by improving your aesthetic features. A skilled surgeon will consult with you on how they can help solve your problem areas and provide the information you need to make a sound decision. Contact website Url for more information.

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