Practical Preparation Tips for Your Upcoming Cardiac Scan Appointment

The heart is a delicate organ that can develop illnesses and injuries as you get older. To get a clear picture of what is going on with your heart, your cardiologist could order a series of diagnostic tests including a pet scan cardiology exam.

If you have never undergone one of these tests, you probably will wonder what will go on during your appointment and what will happen to your body while you are in the CAT scan or MRI. You can prepare for your upcoming pet scan cardiology appointment by using these tips.

Meditate, Pray or Listen to Calming Music

Your nerves could be on edge before your cardiology scan appointment. Your mind can wander from what is wrong with your heart to what the diagnostics could mean for you and your family after the test. It is natural for your mind to assume the worst and dwell on that scenario prior to your appointment.

To keep your nerves as calm as possible, you can meditate, pray or listen to calming music. You can even bring your music player with you to your appointment so that you can have something to listen to in the waiting room. However, you more than likely will not be allowed to have your headphones in while you are undergoing the scan.

Eat before Your Appointment

If your doctor does not require you to fast before the appointment, you should eat a good breakfast or lunch. Going into the scan with an empty stomach can make your nervousness worse. Having a full stomach can help keep you calm and focused. This way, during the test, you’re aware and alert.

You can find out more about undergoing a pet scan for your heart online. Contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc to make your appointment or to get more information today.

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