Protecting Your Feet: Podiatry in Orange CA

If you have ever had a foot injury or suffered from a problem like a corn or blister, then you are aware that their discomfort can make you miserable all over. Since people rely on their feet to take them everywhere, foot health should be a priority for everyone. Podiatry in Orange CA can help.

Wear the Right Shoes

Shoes that are too tight will make feet ache, can lead to issues like corns and bunions and can even cause ingrown toenails. If a shoe is too loose and slips easily, you will suffer blisters and raw spots that are easily infected. A good athletic shoe should be well-ventilated to prevent feet from becoming too sweaty during a workout.

Practice Good Hygiene

By keeping feet clean and dry you can avoid common problems like foot fungus. Athlete’s foot is a common problem at public gyms and swimming pools, so always avoid walking barefoot in these areas. Discolored nails are not just a beauty problem, they are a sign of a nail fungus. Brittle nails with cracks and ridges are also showing signs of a fungus as well. A prescription cream can easily treat this issue and get your nails back to their normal appearance.

Treat Dry Skin Early

If your feet are dry they are probably not going to get better on their own. Apply a good moisturizer on them twice a day and cover immediately with cotton socks. The cotton will allow the air to circulate while the moisture is absorbed. Remove dry skin with a pumice stone in the shower. If your skin has become dry enough to crack, inspect it closely to watch for signs of infection.

Cut Nails Correctly

Ingrown toenails are often caused by nails that have been improperly trimmed. To avoid this remember to only trim toenails straight across. If you do get an infected toenail, leave it alone and let a doctor handle it for you. Attempting to “fix” the nail often leads to an even worse infection.

If you are older, diabetic or just seem to have frequent foot problems, those are good indications you should seek the advice of a podiatrist. Podiatry Orange CA will help to keep your feet healthier, more comfortable and looking better.

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