Male circumcision devices

The process of male circumcision is generally associated with religious practises, especially with children. However, if an adult converts to a religion later in life (or for medical reasons such as wishing to reduce the risk of infection) then it is a process that can be done in adult life as well. One way that NMC has been at the forefront of has been the development of male circumcision devices.


Traditionally, circumcision has involved a number of processes. There would be the removal from the foreskin. In the event of any bleeding, wounds would need to be cauterised and stitches may be required.

Naturally, there is concern because this is a sensitive area. Therefore, anything that can be done to make the process more efficient and safer is welcome. This is where the ZSR circumcision stapler device comes in.

The device

The ZSR makes the process more efficient as it combines the cutting process with the stapling. It also reduces the risk of fatigue as it cuts down the time that the circumcision takes. The stitches are dissolvable and should come off natural in just over two weeks.

As stated before, we are aware that people of different ages may need male circumcision, which is why we have nine separate available models.

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