The Techniques and Benefits of Using an Insufflator System in the USA

During certain medical procedures, a person may need some form of insufflation. This means that the stomach or other body parts are filled with gas or other vapors. The material expands the area so that the doctor or medical team can get a better look inside the cavity. It is commonly used in some surgical operations.


Laparoscopic surgery involves cutting a small slit into a person’s torso. The surgeon works through this opening, and the team may need to use a Stryker insufflator to open up the stomach or pelvic region. Once enlarged, the physician uses mini cameras and tools inside the cavity. This method is preferred because it does not open up the body and expose it to more germs, people tend to heal quicker, and there is less bleeding and scarring.


Radiologists and other healthcare providers might use insufflators for diagnostic purposes. It allows them to view hidden pockets and otherwise inaccessible parts of the body. This enlarging treatment might be used during a colonoscopy. Engineers have developed insufflation devices for respiratory conditions and others to ventilate people with.


Stryker insufflators and other devices are made to sense pressure and flow. These sensors monitor the gas output. The machines are routinely serviced and monitored for accuracy. Manufacturers test the calibrations before they leave the factory, and once in a medical facility, technicians or other team members will service the machines. For more information on a Stryker insufflator and other related medical devices, contact Certified Endoscopy Products LLC at

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