Punctal Plugs for Effective Dry Eye Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

It’s frustrating when someone cannot wear contact lenses comfortably for several hours anymore. The eyes become dry and irritated. This individual may be tired of using eye drops frequently but hates to start relying on glasses. This problem has a few different causes that an ophthalmologist can help with. Effective dry eye treatment in Jacksonville, FL allows patients to experience vastly improved comfort.


Chronic eye dryness can be caused by insufficient tear production. In other cases, the tears evaporate or drain away too quickly. Some men and women have adequate tear production, but the tears are not oily enough for proper lubrication. Dry eye treatment in Jacksonville, FL can resolve these problems.

A Home and Work Strategy

The doctor may first recommend trying strategies to keep the eyes better hydrated. For instance, people typically blink less often than usual when staring at a screen. It might help to glance away from the screen more frequently and look at a distant object. Resting the eyes by closing them occasionally also could help.

Punctal Plugs

An eye doctor can place silicone plugs in the tear ducts so that tears don’t leak away easily. Typically, patients begin with collagen plugs that gradually dissolve. That way, they can see whether these medical products are effective and comfortable. The silicone plugs are semi-permanent, meaning the doctor can remove the devices if the patient ever wants this done. A small percentage of individuals develop watery eyes because of the plugs.

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