Recommendations for Pet Care After Visiting Veterinary Surgeon Timonium MD

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Veterinarian


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The preparation before surgery and recovery afterward is difficult for many people. It can be even more stressful when the one having that surgery is a beloved pet. Every caring pet owner worries about the safety and comfort of their furry friend and knowing what they need is difficult because of the “language” barrier. The only solution is for people to take the right steps to ensure their pet is prepared for their surgery and careful monitored afterward. A Veterinary Surgeon Timonium MD is accustomed to seeing many nervous pet owners but knows that the majority of pets will recover easily and quickly with just a little extra care.

One of the most important things any pet owner can do is make certain their pet fast approximately 12-hours prior to their surgery. It is tempting to sneak them a little nibble or two at their regular meal time, but this abstinence from food is necessary. Fasting reduces the risk of the pet vomiting during or immediately after the surgery. If this happens while they are unconscious or only partially awake in recovery there is a chance they could aspirate on the vomit and the result could be either suffocation or the development of a dangerous, and often fatal, type of pneumonia.

After the surgery, make certain the pet has a comfortable, warm and safe place to sleep on the floor. Climbing or jumping could lead to a fall or cause them to tear their sutures. Encourage them to take in adequate water by keeping their dish fresh and next to their bed. Keep other animals away from them for the first day or two, no matter how well-meaning they may seem. Frequent bathroom breaks are needed because of the fluids they receive during surgery. The professionals at the Companion Animal Care Center are one of the many animal medical centers that make it easier for owners by providing a detailed set of instructions regarding wound and incision care and a schedule to follow for feeding and activity. With the help of a Veterinary Surgeon Timonium MD, pets are able to be back on their feet and feeling like themselves again within a few days.

Pet owners who stick to the instructions their vet gives them before and after surgery will help their pets to heal even faster. To learn more about the clinic, visit online. Appointments are scheduled online or over the phone.

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