Relief From Chronic Pain With Rf Ablasion in Edmond

Chronic pain can leave many people looking at surgery to repair damaged joints, for some surgery is not an option, and that is where other techniques are considered to treat pain that just will not go away with traditional pain relievers. Many doctors perform a procedure called Radiofrequency Ablasion (RFA) to minimize the nerves that signal the pain receptors. Rf Ablasion Edmond is used to help those who suffer from chronic neck and back pain find relief without an invasive surgical procedure that can mean long recovery times.

Doctors perform ablasion therapy to benefit their patients, sparing them the discomforts of open surgery for repairs to the spine, neck and other joints that are causing chronic pain. A small incision is made, and a thin needle is guided to the area being treated; from there the doctor uses microelectrodes and radio pulses to heat the tissue and nerves gently. This relaxes the area and helps to reduce pain signals. Rf Ablasion Edmond also minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue and can help overactive nerves sending pain signals reducing the pain that patients feel at the sight. Side effects from the procedure are also minimal, some soreness and bruising is typically reported and goes away within a few days of the treatment. Another simple side effect is bleeding at the incision site.

As with any medical procedure, a doctor will determine if RFA is the right option for patients with chronic pain. Patients who have received RFA treatment report a reduction in pain and experience relief from six months to a year following treatment. Some patients report relief for a much longer period, sometimes years after treatment. RFA may not be for everyone, and a doctor will discuss the various options with their patients; for those who are candidates for RFA, the day of the procedure a local anesthesia will be used, and patients need to have a person capable of monitoring them for at least 24 hours after their treatment.

Longevity Joint Spine Pain provides treatment options for those who suffer from chronic pain. They offer multiple therapies to help patients live a life free from pain in the neck, joints and spine. Under the guidance of Dr. Robinson, patients can experience relief, and continued care. For more information Visit the Website to schedule an evaluation today.

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