Physicial Therapy In Manhattan, KS Offers Relief From Pain And Strengthens Damaged Areas

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Physical Therapy


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Physical therapy can be prescribed by a physician before or after surgery. It could also be recommended after a serious illness or another condition has occurred. Individuals that suffer from sports injuries can also benefit from Physical Therapy Manhattan KS to strengthen an area that’s been damaged. Individuals that suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other joint or muscle conditions can find relief from pain and stiffness through physical therapy. Physical therapy will involve the use of treatment to loosen tight muscles as well as exercises or stretching to increase the blood flow to the area and begin healing and strengthening a weakened area.

Hip and knee replacements are very common in today’s medical world. After the replacement, the surrounding area will be very weak due to the surgery. It’s important that a patient receives the proper physical therapy in Manhattan, KS to fully recover and be in better condition than they were before the surgery occurred. Physical therapy may take weeks or months to complete depending on the condition of the patient. Bands that are flexible may be used as a type of resistance to increase the muscle strength. Use of a treadmill or bicycle could be another part of the therapy. Lifting weights and gradually increasing the amount of weight will safely improve the condition of a damaged area of the body.

Torn rotator cuffs can occur through accident, injury, or age. Some of the exercises may appear to be very minor but must be followed in order to heal. An example of an exercise is a wall walk. A patient will begin with their hand against the wall and walk their fingers up the wall as high as they are able to and will then use their fingers to walk back down the wall. This may not sound difficult, but when an individual has to begin strengthening the shoulder area, this type of exercise is very difficult. Supervision during therapy is important to ensure the exercises are completed properly. It is also part of the healing process for the body after it’s been injured. Visit the Center For Manual Medicine for outstanding physical therapy treatment.

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