What Does a Physical Therapy Clinic in Nokomis Do to Help a Patient?

A physical therapy clinic provides a variety of treatments to help a patient recover from a sports injury. They will start by treating the pain and then helping the patient regain their full mobility.

What Is Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is a science devoted to movement. A coach at a physical therapy clinic in Nokomis will use biomechanics to study and analyze a patient’s movements. They might, for example, film a patient’s golf swing and then advise them on ways to improve it to reduce the risk of injury.

What Is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment used to treat pain and reduce inflammation. A typical treatment will take between five and ten minutes. Many patients start feeling better after two or three treatment sessions.

The photons emitted by the laser will heat the targeted tissues and stimulating the healing processes to speed recovery and ease the pain. Many patients feel soothing warmth during treatment.

When Should Someone See a Physical Therapist?

While many sports injuries can heal on their own, others will require a physical therapist’s attention. For instance, if a person is still in a lot of pain after several days of home treatment like RICE, they should ask their doctor about physical therapy. Sports physical therapy can also help a person returning to exercise after a hiatus reduce their chances of injury.

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