Key Services to Seek from a Family Medical Center in Andover, Kansas

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Health


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Staying in the best health calls for you to seek regular annual care from a licensed physician. Rather than go to a walk-in clinic for a physical, you need to establish a relationship with a primary care provider who has the experience to provide ongoing care for adult patients.

Along with going in for your regular physical each year, you also need to see this doctor for other types of care. These services are some to find when you set up a connection with the physicians at the family medical center in Andover, Kansas.

Annual Blood Work

One of the main ways that doctors find out if you are in good health involves you undergoing blood work at least once a year. Your doctor can order a series of blood tests to find out if you have conditions like diabetes, underactive thyroid, poor liver function, and other illnesses. Blood work can help your doctor prescribe the medication needed for your condition.

Acute Illness Treatments

You also can receive treatments for acute illnesses like strep throat, the flu, sinus infections and other conditions that do not merit emergency care from a hospital. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to kill acute infections or provide medical advice about how to recover from your ailment quickly.

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