How Laser Eye Surgery Works – Laser Eye Surgery Jacksonville FL

Laser eye surgery is it popular procedure in the United States. Many people are aware of it and know someone who’s had it. The operation itself is done with lasers, and the outcome is generally very successful in restoring a person’s vision.

The process of laser eye surgery involves reshaping a person’s cornea in their eye. This is done so that when sunlight enters the eye, it reflects off the retina differently. In most cases, laser eye surgery is very successful in the first attempt, and it can improve astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

With laser eye surgery, the eye surgeon will reshape the cornea by cutting it with the laser. In some cases, they may create a flap in the cornea and remove a few small thin layers in the cornea of the eye to improve the patient’s vision.

The whole laser eye surgery procedure is a fairly short one in duration lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. Generally, patients notice a difference in their vision within several hours of the operation. After a few days, a patient will experience improved vision. Find out more about laser eye surgery in Jacksonville, FL.

Within a couple of days of surgery, patients can even return to work and pick up the regular routines. Some of the surgeries require patients to wear protective contact lenses for a few days after surgery to help their eyes heal.

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