Resolving Chronic Hand Pain From Work-Related Repetitive Stress

People who work in certain types of jobs can develop wrist and Hand Pain due to repetitive stress. When carpal tunnel syndrome has developed, the wrist may eventually need surgery to resolve the problem. Chronic pain in the hand that has occurred with strain or overuse on the job may be relieved through physical therapy as coordinated through a clinic such as Aspire Pain Medical Center. This type of facility is especially advantageous for patients as it focuses on integrative medicine, which includes both traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies. For instance, a patient may find benefits from a combination of traditional physical therapy along with hand and wrist massage, which is generally considered alternative treatment.

Chronic Hand Pain from a repetitive stress injury is relatively common with some occupations. Jobs that involve a great deal of typing, use of a computer mouse and assembly line work are examples. The problems develop in health care fields as well; dental hygienists and ultrasound technologists are at risk of this problem. In some cases, taking at least a couple of weeks off from work may be necessary to allow the hand and arm to heal. During this time, the person should be cautious about arm and hand use at home and elsewhere too. Activities such as playing tennis or golf, raking the yard or doing extensive cleaning should probably be avoided. That’s true even if the hand starts to feel much better; the muscles and joints can easily become inflamed again.

It’s important for people to seek assistance for the condition instead of ignoring it with the use of pain medication. Ignoring it and continuing to act in the same manner will worsen the condition; eventually, the pain may become debilitating. Repetitive stress can cause weakness in addition to chronic pain. By addressing the problem early on, the patient may be able to avoid future surgery. A physical therapist can work with this individual on modifying behavior at the job and provide information on setting up a more ergonomically correct work station. Visit the website for details on this particular integrative medical care clinic. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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