When to See a Gynecologist in Norman, OK

Most women know they are supposed to see a gynecologist once a year for a well-woman exam. They also realize that gynecologists are usually responsible for prescribing birth control solutions and hormone therapies. Beyond that, though, it can be hard to decide when to head in for an emergency appointment. Women experiencing any of the following symptoms should call to schedule a visit with a Gynecologist in Norman OK as soon as possible.

Irregular Periods

Women whose menstrual period has become extremely irregular or recurrent within periods of less than 21 days should schedule an exam. Missed periods, inter-menstrual bleeding, and periods lasting more than seven days should also be considered cause for concern. These symptoms can indicate much more serious underlying problems, many of which can be treated most effectively when they are diagnosed early.

Urinary Troubles

Issues pertaining to the urinary tract are also within the purview of gynecologists. Women who are noticing increased frequency of urination or the urge to urinate as well as pain or burning sensations, abnormal discharge, itching, or bloody urine should call their OBGYN as soon as possible. These can all be signs of urinary tract infections, which can become quite serious if they are not addressed.

Abdominal Pain

Although not all abdominal pain is indicative of problems with the reproductive system, it’s still a good idea to see a Gynecologist in Norman OK in certain circumstances. Severe menstrual cramps, pelvic pain or discomfort, and any sharp pelvic or abdominal pain during intercourse or during menstruation should all be addressed by a specialist. Similarly, any pain accompanied by a noticeable lump should be treated immediately.

Breast Issues

There are three main causes for alarm when it comes to breast health. Women who have noticed lumps, discharge, or severe breast pain during their menstrual periods should all head to an OBGYN. These can be signs of serious problems, such as breast cancer. Catching breast cancer early can make a huge difference in patients’ treatment outcomes, so it’s important not to put off scheduling an appointment for a screening.

Find more information about reproductive health and the services offered by gynecologists online today, or call to schedule an appointment with a local clinic.

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