Step Up to a Foot Clinic – Why You Should Take the Leap in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, foot and ankle clinics exist to help people move forward. If you have a nagging condition that limits your mobility, help is available.

How to Kick Away the Pain

The most common foot problems are preventable. However, if a condition gets worse, it can be treated at a foot clinic. The journey to relief begins here, so pull up a seat and discover what it takes to rise above foot pain.

The Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is the most common type of foot problem. It occurs when the edge of a nail curves and puts pressure on a toe. If an ingrown toenail is ignored, the toe will swell, and eventually, it will get infected.

To prevent an ingrown toenail, always cut your nails correctly, and wear comfortable shoes to prevent crowding.

Mycotic Nails

Mycotic nails are infected nails. The infection is caused by a fugus. If you have this condition, you’ll need a prescription medication.


Corns are caused by friction. They’re hard calluses that build up on the edge of a toe. If you have corns, soak your feet. Then, use a pumice stone to remove the corns.


Calluses are dense layers of skin; they can generate on the bottom and edges of a foot. In most cases, they are not a major issue. It’s normal to have calluses after a long day.

Orthotics in Jacksonville, FL – Get a Treatment for Foot Pain

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