Understanding What Foot Orthotics in Kenosha, WI Can Do

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Podiatry


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Of all the parts of the human body that needs extra care, the feet stand out as one of the greatest. Without the feet, one cannot go about without much difficulty. Thus, it is important to ensure that the feet and ankles are properly looked after. This includes regular visits to a podiatrist, if necessary. During a visit with the podiatrist, or even the family physician, it may be necessary to use corrective devices for the feet. This is known as orthotics. There is a doctor who offers Foot Orthotics in Kenosha WI. These are some things potential patients will want to know about the use of orthotics.

First of all, getting orthotics prescribed for the foot is not about comfort, at first. An orthotic that is properly fitted will not feel comfortable on the foot. It is made to help the foot conform from whatever abnormality is present to begin with. Thus, it will take a period of time before the orthotic feels natural on the foot. The next thing to keep in mind is that one must have a realistic expectation of what the orthotic can or cannot do for the patient.

Orthotics come in many different materials: leather, plastic, metal, rubber or other types of man-made materials. The custom-made models are designed to correct specific issues with a patient’s foot, such as low arches and flat feet. The severity of the foot problem might not be totally corrected by orthotics. The only way to tell for sure is to visit a podiatrist and have to various exams to see what alternatives are available.

Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin, LLC is a podiatrist clinic that has been providing medical treatment for feet and ankles in Wisconsin for over 75 years. Those patients who may have orthotic issues can be seen by the clinic. The services offered by the clinic include treatment for diabetics, foot surgery, foot, heel and ankle pain, and of course, orthotic treatment for those patients who may need it. If looking for a doctor who will aid in using Foot Orthotics in Kenosha WI, visit the website of Dr. William Yoder at http://familyfootclinics.com/. Once there, navigate to where you “click for additional info” to get more information.

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