The Importance of Focusing on Middle Muscle Groups in Back Pain Treatment in Fargo, ND

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Pain Management Physician


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Back pain, whether it is due to acute injury or a chronic condition, can have a severe impact on a patient’s ability to function in their daily lives. Many resort to prescription painkillers to combat the pain and regain their ability to function, but this is often unnecessary. Pure Physio offers an effective alternative for Back Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh. Because there are a wide variety of conditions that can cause patients back pain, the first step toward finding a solution is to accurately diagnose the problem.

Much of the pain that sends patients to doctors for help is related to one, or both, of two muscles: the transverse abdominous and the multifidus. Targeted massage and stretching can be an effective means of reducing pain, but only if it is targeting the right muscles. These two integral muscle groups are located in the middle layer, making them harder to focus on and explaining why many rehabilitative treatments have been historically unsuccessful. It wasn’t that the approaches themselves were ineffective, but that they were targeting the wrong muscles.

These two middle muscle groups are used in almost all physical movement involving the back and spine. If they do not heal correctly after an injury, it can lead to serious future problems. The multifidus muscle is one of the first to suffer, and often experiences fairly extreme atrophy within one day of immobility. Without targeted exercise, it cannot rebuild on its own. The old axiom that time will heal all ills is, in this case, inaccurate. That’s why it’s so important to learn the right exercises and find a rehabilitation specialist who can provide targeted treatment to help this important muscle to recover.

Without addressing the underlying problem other forms of Back Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh are unlikely to be successful in the long run. Massages that focus on the outer layer of muscles and surgical procedures that focus on the inner layer do not address these two important muscle groups, and not all rehabilitation therapists are trained to provide adequate treatment to compensate. Visit to find more information about one office that does or to schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.

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