The Types of Acorn Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Health


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As a person ages, he or she often becomes wiser. However, as the knowledge base improves, mobility tends to decrease. A person may find they are no longer able to go up and down steps with ease as a result of their many aches and pains. Fortunately, Acorn Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA allow a person easy access to all areas of the home. What types of stair lifts are available today and which should a person choose?


Visit a home with a stair lift and it will likely be the straight lift. This device is used in homes that have straight stairs and requires nothing more than a straight rail attached to the steps. This is the preferred choice of many, as it can be installed quickly and doesn’t cost a great deal of money. Narrow stairs or a door obstructing the top of the stairway are the only two issues a person may encounter when choosing this option. However, individuals must determine if they wish to park the chair at the top or bottom of the staircase.


Curved lifts, in contrast, are custom designed to handle curved and intricate staircases. Individuals should expect to pay more for this type of lift, as more is involved in the installation. However, it is of great benefit to individuals who need to move between floors and don’t have a straight staircase in the home. Installation of this type of stair lift does take significantly longer, as it must be designed to meet the unique needs of the staircase.

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