What You’ll Need to Become a Certified Flight Nurse

Are you thinking of starting a career as a certified flight nurse? If so, you have some training and education ahead of you. Here’s what it takes to take to the skies as a nurse:


To become a flight nurse, you’ll first need to train to be a nurse. This means getting your RN, or registered nursing degree. This is a common degree that is fairly easy to find in most colleges or universities. Even community colleges and career centers often offer an RN path.

Talk to an advisor at your nearest college or university about what it would take for you to get your RN degree. You may spend anywhere from 2-4 years on this educational path, depending on what credits you already have under your belt. Some nurses working as CNA or other positions are able to quickly achieve their RN through training taken between shifts at their current nursing job. This is a great way to improve your financial situation and achieve your career goals while continuing to provide for yourself or your family.


Beyond simply getting your nursing degree, you will also be required to have some training and a moderate amount of experience to apply for a flight nursing position. Typically, you will be asked to have served at least five years as an emergency or trauma nurse or comparable position. Additionally, you may need to demonstrate a degree of physical fitness for the positions, as well as have some flight experience.

Exact requirements will vary depending on where you work. When you’re a certified flight nurse, you have many options of where and how to work. Organizations that allow for medical flight accompaniment or assistance are a great place to start, though you can also work directly with hospitals or clinics who provide air operations and emergency transportation. With the right training and experience under your belt, the sky is the limit for what you can do with this degree!

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