Today’s Society and the Increasing Need for Home-Based Geriatric Care in Jacksonville FL

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Health Care


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With people living longer than ever and the elderly population growing dramatically, societies must continue finding ways to keep these men and women healthy and living independently as long as possible. In some instances, home-based Geriatric Care in Jacksonville FL is a solution for seniors who can still live at home if they have some nursing care each day.

Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

Elderly men and women tend to stay the healthiest mentally, emotionally and physically if they remain active and involved with family, friends and the community. Unfortunately, some of these individuals gradually become more isolated, especially as they reach a very advanced age. There is a strong tendency for women to live longer than men do, and a 90-year-old widow may even have to face outliving her adult children who are now in their senior years.

An Ideal Solution

A woman of this age may not want to move to assisted living, but it can be impossible to continue living alone even with some assistance from a couple of family members who live nearby. Being able to hire a home-based service providing Geriatric Care in Jacksonville FL is an ideal solution for someone who requires professional nursing assistance for part of the day. The family members can provide other types of care the rest of the time.

Positive Mental Stimulation

Visits from a nurse with an organization such as Family First Homecare Jacksonville also can provide extra positive mental stimulation for this person. The client may not be able to get out much anymore and may not have many visitors. Visits from a homecare nurse provide a welcome break from the monotony of daily life when there is nobody to socialize with. Click here for details on this particular organization.

Sociological Study

The study of the health of specific population groups is an area of sociology, and the focus on seniors is especially important today so that nursing homes and assisted living communities do not run short of space. Already, geriatric care at the level of nursing assistant and home companion is experiencing a shortage. Seniors who require the attention appreciate being able to find it as needed.

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