Treating What Many Call Untreatable: The Battle Against Lower Back Pain in Clarksville TN

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Chiropractor


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Back Pain in Clarksville TN is treatable. But, that is hardly the opinion of many who consider it an unavoidable reality of aging. Admittedly, treating back pain is not easy. Some pain derives from terrible past injuries. Sometimes, surgery is required. Back pain can be managed at the home, but it will require daily monitoring and a bit of discipline. The team at Fort Campbell Chiropractic recommends three tips for treating Back Pain in Clarksville TN.

Tip 1: Flex daily, in small ways, to work on improving rarely used muscles

Flexibility can be an always imminent method for improving on pain. The very act of, say, touching one’s toes, could incite a striking pain. But, it could be an important step to slowly but surely chip away at the tension. The goal of flexibility is to work out muscles and add additional and even loads throughout the body. Muscles that get worked a lot will be “tougher.” This is valuable because it enforces an evenness and comfort in more muscles- muscles that are often rarely used and thus poorly flexed. If an injury does occur, these weaker muscles will not be able to recover well- if at all.

Tip 2: Have hot and cold packs ready to go at all times

Some clients certainly rely on hot and cold packs a little too much. But, unlike other treatment options, packs are mostly harmless. They can be “overdone” without too much of a problem. They can also work their magic while other activities are being done, which makes them a great accessory.

Tip 3: Go to the chiropractor to help reinforce daily activities and improvements

The at-home activities (the flexing, the exercising) could use the help of a professional. A chiropractor helps add some extra resonance to the efforts done at home. Clients should schedule treatment. Most opt for every month. They can taper the schedule off as the situation and pain improve. Chiropractic care can also fill in when a client has a less-than-stellar week.

These tips will help improve back pain conditions in a few weeks if they are stuck to consistently. Patients uniformly understand that back pain is common, and treatment is possible. It takes discipline.

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