Learn How Reflexology and a Foot massage in Oahu, HI Can Make Your Whole Body Feel Better

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Massage Therapy


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Your feet are probably the most important overlooked aspect of your body. If you’re a woman, you probably wear heels, much higher than the recommended 1″. Both men and women wear shoes without the proper support, run in shoes that offer no shock absorption, wear flip flops, slides and more. All of these things create problems with the feet.

When your feet ache, your legs ache. When your legs ache, your backside and back can ache. The truth is that the feet have one of the biggest impacts on how you feel overall after a long day. That’s why a Foot massage in Oahu HI can benefit you so much.

There are a couple of different types of foot massages. One is a standard massage. This is designed to help relieve general pain and make it easy to walk around again. It can be done on feet with injuries, or feet that are sore from mild to severe abuse. Regardless, there’s going to be a benefit from this type of massage.

Another type of Foot massage in Oahu HI is reflexology. Some people don’t count this as a massage, but it’s generally offered in a spa or massage parlor as part of the massage treatments.

Reflexology is a pressure method that is used to help positively affect different organs in the body. For example, putting the correct pressure in the right spot on your big toe may help the function of your pituitary gland. A spot on the arch of the foot can impact the kidney and help it to function better. While many doctor’s won’t comment on the impact of reflexology on the organs in the body, there is a general consensus that it works very well to reduce stress, which has an overall positive impact on the body.

If you’ve never had a foot massage, you’re missing out on something good. If you’re not sure how it can positively impact your life, you should take the time to speak with an expert. You can get your questions answered and schedule an appointment for your massage as well. To learn more about reflexology and other methods of massage for yourself, visit .

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