Why Do People Choose Plastic Surgery In Oahu, HI?

Plastic surgery is usually an elective procedure, meaning that the patient chooses to have it performed. The fact that plastic surgery is often a matter of choice may be one of the reasons that some people choose to have unqualified persons perform plastic surgical procedures.

Why Do People Choose to Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has one unique aspect that should make prospective patients more intent on choosing the best possible plastic surgeon – the results of the surgery are visible and intended to be so. After all, the intent of the surgery is to improve someone’s appearance. The reasons behind desiring to undergo plastic surgery are as varied as the patient.

     *     Someone may want to remove some of the signs of aging, especially from the neck or face.

     *     Burn victims often undergo numerous plastic surgeries.

     *     Women need breast reconstructions after mastectomies.

     *     Women may feel unhappy with their appearance after having children.

     *     Saggy eyelids make someone always appear tired.

     *     A “nose job” may be done solely to improve someone’s appearance, but may also cure breathing difficulties.

The Emotions Behind Choosing Plastic Surgery

Any reputable plastic surgeon wants to know why the patient desires plastic surgery.

     *     Is what the patient wants actually possible? It may not be possible to have a nose, for example, that resembles that of their favorite celebrity.

     *     Are the patient’s expectations in line with the probable results?

     *     Is there any reason that the patient is not a good candidate for surgery?

The Importance of Board Certification

When a plastic surgeon is board certified it means that the surgeon has completed at least five years of surgical training after medical school and a plastic surgery residency. Any licensed physician can claim to be a “cosmetic” surgeon, even if the surgeon never trained in an approved plastic surgery program. A trained plastic surgeon has the experience to prevent and handle emergencies and ensure the safety of the patient.

Dr. John Ferguson, MD, FACS, performs Plastic Surgery Oahu HI at The Ferguson Clinic. Dr. Ferguson is one of the only surgeons in the world who has been certified by five different medical boards, an exceptional qualification for anyone seeking a truly knowledgeable surgeon for Plastic Surgery Oahu HI. He not only performs plastic surgery but has developed unique procedures that he teaches to other plastic surgeons.

If you are considering Plastic Surgery Chicago IL, call the Ferguson Clinic for a complimentary consultation.

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