Veterinary Services in Richmond: Three Important Things to Look for

When it comes to finding the right pet care facility for your furry friend, there is simply no compromising on quality. When you start your search, talk to family members and friends who have pets and get their recommendations. There is simply no substitute for personal testimonials. Next turn to the internet; read reviews and look over each vet’s credentials.

Last but not least, you will want to pay a visit to your list of selected facilities. As you review veterinary services in Richmond, keep the following factors in mind.

Emergency Clinic Services

Finding a veterinary hospital or pet care clinic that provides emergency services is absolutely necessary. You want to make sure that someone will be there for you and your pet when an emergency occurs, especially during off hours. Of course, you will want to talk with your vet about these details and what may constitute emergency veterinary services.

Pricing and Insurance Policies

As many as 30% of dog owners and 21% of cat owners who visit a vet clinic say that they cannot afford the fees. Look for a clinic that charges reasonable prices for their veterinary services or one that offers services that can be covered by pet insurance. If you’re not sure, simply call your pet insurance provider and ask about the clinic in question. View website for the best veterinary services in Richmond.


When you are considering choosing a vet clinic for your pet care, find out the variety of services that they offer. Some of the most important veterinary services that a clinic should provide include vaccinations, physical examinations, tick or flea products, drugs or medications, and laboratory tests. Dental care may also be essential.

Choosing the right veterinary clinic can be difficult. At Greatwood Veterinary Hospital, pet care is made friendly, convenient, and easy with staff members who care about your pet’s well being as much as you do! Contact us today to learn more.

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